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Morning Smile Beautifully Done

The mystery of your Morning Smile

Your morning smile in passing will naturally procreate in others, perpetuating the silent gift of hope, of faith & of love. The invisible hug, the unseen handshake or the phantom kiss on the cheek all may seem to have actually occurred from only a glance. In the blink of a eye and a footstep's done. A fleeting  moment of bewilderment and the imprint is in memory and what you were about to do slips into the background of second thoughts. "That was nice, I think. OK, more than nice. Beautiful? "  becoming a tantalizing puzzle swirling into a thousand giddy, schoolyard directions, but ultimately the one quivering question remains "Was that for me?" And then "Why was that for me?" The humble, pondering "Thank You" is only an awkward, spontaneous smile pointed downward a bit confused, but grateful. A life now, perhaps, with a re-routed destiny marveling at their reflection.

How many pistols have been left in their pockets, footsteps turned away from bridge railings, suitcases returned  to their closets...all because they encountered one genuine, beautiful morning smile & were reconnected to themselves, their world and their purpose. The mystery of the morning smile never ends.

A smile and a kind little can change so much. 

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